Massage at the Centre


intuition.     creativity.      care.

Four independent Massage Therapists

sharing two beautiful rooms in the 

Centre for Natural Medicine

Working with respectfull awareness on land continuously occupied by First Nations Peoples for thousands of years.


Leona seeks to work from a place of compassion and intuition. Her approach to her therapy is eclectic; she draws from various areas of training, including Trigger Point Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Cranio-Sacral therapy.  


How we move and our movement potential remains a proriority in treatment planning. Denise wants to assist in helping folks find ways to sit, stand walk with greater ease.



Michelle's approach to massage is from a spirit of helping. Whether her client needs relaxation or therapeutic (and in most cases a combination of both), Michelle strives to listen and implement whats right for each individual. 


“I believe everyone has an innate ability to heal, so I work from that perspective, informing and empowering a person to find their own path to healing.  

Both evidence informed massage and listening to the client’s own intuitive assesment are important. ”


More info coming soon